Emerson Falls TV show poster

Emerson Falls – TV Series 

Dramatic family, one-hour television series aimed at teens, family and baby boomer viewers.


A boy burdened by injustice, a girl out to save him;
can they remain united in a town divided?

Log Lines:

She lives in Emerson Falls
a town ruled by judgement, seething with prejudice,
ready to ignite…..
And the boy she loves holds the match.

Series Summary

In view of the current global crisis, people are expressing a desire to return to a simpler age. Now, more than ever, we believe that this is the perfect time to showcase Emerson Falls. It is a family-based, one-hour drama set in Northern Ontario. Our setting and cast of characters not only combine to create a winning formula but they also take you back to an era when life seemed less dismal. Working as a team, we have completed six other episodes. We have an abundance of ideas and story lines that could keep Emerson Falls alive for several seasons. Our multi-dimensional characters interact to create realistic scenarios that impacted on life at that time. Yet they also possess universal attitudes that still prevail in our world today.

Our pilot episode is in two parts with flashbacks to reveal the past events that shape and influence the people of our town. It introduces the two main characters and briefly touches on the rest of the townspeople. As the scripts progress, these secondary characters grow and develop, displaying unexpected twists to their personalities. The Catholic/Protestant conflict affected everyone in North America during the 1940s and 1950s and it is mentioned throughout the scripts. However other conflicts and issues – ones that exist today and stir up passionate reactions – are woven into each plot as well.

The two main characters will have a strong appeal to teenage viewers. They’re young, attractive and in love, but they struggle against problems that often keep them apart. Other characters in Emerson Falls have their own struggles, including depression, emotional instability, post-traumatic stress, and a mental disability.

We are pleased to present our work and to express our unfaltering belief in this project. This town is alive, the characters write themselves, and we feel fortunate that they allow us to take dictation.

Written by Sandi Plewis and Ruth Nabb.

A three-page Treatment and the Pilot Script are available for review.